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ATX 2016 Setup

We're excited that you have chosen ATX tax preparation software for the 2016 tax season. We've developed this online tool to help simplify the software installation process and to answer many common questions. For more assistance, visit the MyATX Solution Center on a regular basis. There you'll find regular software updates, important information from Customer Care and the IRS, Community Discussion Centers, an extensive searchable knowledge library, and the status of your e-filed returns.

NOTE: For customers who have purchased the Tax Season Essentials program, you can conveniently download it from the Customer Care site.

ATX Software Quick Tips

  • Click here to register for training webinars and seminar webcasts.
  • On your ATX software toolbar, click ‘red flag’ notifications button to view daily blog posts from Customer Care
  • Press F3 to access Federal and State form instructions. Don’t forget to remind all of your preparers of this shortcut.
  • Click the green arrow in a field to jump to a linked field — On all forms, schedules, and worksheets, white fields denote values that are calculated from data entered elsewhere. The Jump To feature enables fast navigation to the forms, schedules, or worksheets from which these data sources are derived. Calculated fields are always white (whereas input fields are blue).
  • Right–click a field to use the cross-reference feature — When the value in a white calculated field is derived from multiple sources, use the Cross Reference feature to display a list of all fields that contribute to this value and to navigate to a specific source field.

What's New in ATX 2016

Features & Security

New IRS Security Requirements and Changes

As members of the IRS Security Summit, we are committed to protecting confidential taxpayer information. We're upgrading our products to meet the recommendations and best practices set forth in IRS Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.

ATX 2016 Security Updates

The initial release of ATX 2016 will require all users to establish a user account and password. Passwords must follow these guidelines:

  • 8-20 characters
  • At least 1 UPPER case letter
  • At least 1 lower case letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 punctuation or special character (e.g. ? ! $ & * )
  • Spaces are allowed

Future ATX releases leading up to the start of tax season will contain additional security changes, including:

  • Password expiration every 90 days: Users will be able to reset their own passwords.
  • Failed Login restrictions: After 5 failed login attempts, users will be locked out of the system. Administrators will be able to unlock these users. Admin users who are locked out will be required to enter the product activation code to unlock the Admin account.
  • Login will be required after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Login will be required every 24 hours.

Please check your ATX Release Notes and follow the ATX Blog for more information on the upcoming release of these features.

Book Depreciation

Included in the Enhanced Asset Management Functionality module (EAMF) is the ability to compare book depreciation values to MACRS values for their assets. Book depreciation reports are also included in this new functionality.

Choose Font and Font Size for Client Letters

Set client letter font and size from the Preferences menu. By default, the client letter font and size are set to Arial, size 10. Alternate fonts can be selected on the Client Communication Preferences tab. Note: Changes to font or font size only affect client letters from that point forward. Existing client letters are unaffected by the change.

All Caps for Data Entry

When enabled, this preference capitalizes field text entered in an open return. If this feature is selected while in an open return, the return must be closed and reopened for the change to take effect. This preference is enabled on the Open Return Preferences tab.

Rollover Preparer & ERO Preference Settings

Rollover Manager now includes settings on the Preparer Manger Preference tab. When information is rolled over, the "Enter Current Year Default Preparer on Rolled-Over Return and/or Enter Current Year Default ERO on Rolled-Over Returns" setting defaults to the preparer or ERO set in ATX 2016.

Import User Preferences from One User to Another

Save time during set up and use the Import Preferences link. This link is located on the Preferences dialog box. Set your ATX preferences for one user, then import those preferences to other users. Confirm Approved Forms before you Download New for 2016 is the Approved column on the Select Forms dialog box. The new Approved column displays a green check mark for forms that are approved for filing.

Out-of-Date Server Tooltip

It's important to keep the server component of ATX up to date and a new enhancement to the Program toolbar icon makes it easy to ensure that the latest version is installed. If the ATX server version is out-of-date, the Program toolbar icon turns red and the tooltip indicates this condition so that it can be quickly remedied.

Add Bookmarks to PDFs Enabled by Default

ATX now creates bookmarks when printing returns using the built-in PDF engine. Bookmarks are a time-saving feature and help to quickly access pages within the return PDF file.

Enhanced CCH iFirm Integration

The integration between ATX and CCH iFirm has been further strengthened this year. These enhancements are designed to give you instant access to CCH iFirm information in ATX, as well as track ATX work and transmit it to CCH iFirm for billing purposes.

  • Time Tracking and Timesheet Creation: Track time spent in any open return, as well as time spent outside returns (e.g. "general" work time). ATX will automatically prompt you to send this time to CCH iFirm for your timesheets.
  • Auto-Job Setup/View Job Details: Jobs will be created automatically in CCH iFirm when you create returns in ATX. You'll also be able to view associated job details from a return in ATX, or view a list of jobs.
  • View Contact Details: From an open return, view details about the existing CCH iFirm contact.
  • Authentication Process: It's now even easier to connect ATX and CCH iFirm. Simply copy and paste the address from the CCH iFirm account or e-mail to ATX Return Manager preferences, click the Sign Into iFirm button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Pay-Per-Return System (PRS)

It's even easier to account for itemized return fees. When redeeming a return, use the Description box to enter additional information about your purchases (for example, "Jane Smith 1040 Return"). During the purchase process, add an optional memo or TIN to help track purchases. Visit the Support Center to view a record of transactions, current balance, and update or add a payment method. On the site, there is also an option to pay any outstanding balance and ensure that the account remains in good standing so that e-filing capabilities are not interrupted.

Restore All Returns

Retrieves all returns within the selected location.

Print Packet Defaults

An enhanced When to Print feature for Print Packets helps to save time during setup. Select Always, Never or Default settings from the parent form. After making the selection, subsequent forms will default to the parent form selection.

Close Window

Comprehensive Calculations

New Electronic Filing Packages Planned for 2016

As pending agency approvals are received, the following new electronic filing packages will be released. Visit the Forms Release calendar in the Support Center for availability information.

  • AL: AL 41
  • DC: D-20, DC D-65, DC D-30
  • IA: 1120, 1120S, 1065
  • KY: 720, 720S, 765
  • NC: D-407
  • OK: 512, 512S, 514
  • UT: TC-20, TC-20S, TC-65
  • VA: VA 770

ZIP Code Lookup

Speed up data entry with the ZIP Code lookup feature. Simply type the ZIP Code in address fields on signature forms (e.g. Form 1040) and ATX automatically fills in the city and state for you.

ATX Advantage

ATX Advantage Package customers also benefit from an additional calculations enhancement: A new Last Year Comparison form enhancement adds form tabs that breakdown income and expenses for every Schedule C, Schedule E (Page 1), and Schedule F that are in the previous year's return.

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ATX Setup Checklist

Confirm that you meet or exceed System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for ATX have changed so we encourage you to review them to ensure your computer meets the new requirements.

Compare your system to ATX requirements. Use our System Analysis Tool to compare your system to the 2016 ATX system requirements.

Close Window

Save your Fulfillment Confirmation Slip or Shipping Confirmation Email

Store the code to install your software for future use (found on the Fulfillment Confirmation Slip, Shipping Confirmation Email, or on the MyATX Solution Center download page). You will need this code to: activate your software, login to the MyATX Solution Center for the first time, or reset your ADMIN password on the Solution Center. The Solution Center password for ADMIN does not reset to the product installation code each year.

To ensure you receive your Shipping Confirmation Email, be sure to add cchsfs.com as a safe sender.

Close Window

Comply with IRS Regulatory Requirements

Verify that you are in compliance with IRS regulatory requirements. We recommend you:

  • Renew Your PTIN and ensure your staff members have renewed their PTINs
  • Update your e-file application or apply for a new EFIN if needed. Consult IRS Pub 3112 for more information.
  • Review EITC due diligence and IRS Circular 230 requirements and confirm your office procedures comply.

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Update Your ATX Knowledge

Get Educated

View refresher videos.

  • Train on 2016 tax law changes, Affordable Care Act, EIC due diligence, ethics, and other topics, as needed for your practice and professional designation. Resources are listed below:

Close Window

Log in to the MyATX Solution Center to Update Your Information

The MyATX Solution Center website offers news, information, and advice for using ATX.

  • Log in to the MyATX Solution Center. Click Login at top of page. Enter your Client ID. In the User Name field, enter admin. In the Password field, enter your product activation code. You will be prompted to create a new password. Follow the prompts.
  • Verify and if needed, update your office address, email, contact names, credit card and other company information on file with SFS
  • Verify your EFIN and transactional fees (e-filing, bank program) BEFORE you start preparing and e-filing tax returns! On the Solution Center, click electronic filing in the navigation bar on the left to view this information.
  • If your EFIN on file with SFS needs to be changed, click EFIN Request in the navigation bar
  • Add, edit or deactivate Solution Center users
  • If you purchased Return Retrieval, download copies of your e-filed returns. To purchase Return Retrieval, call your Account Manager at 800-495-4626.
  • Look up the status of your e-filed returns using the E-file Status Tool on the MyATX Solution Center home page.
  • View the forms release schedule by clicking the Find a Form link on the left sidebar on the home page.

Resources for assistance

  • On the Solution Center login page, click Need Help?
  • Knowledge Library — Answer ID 1995, Logging in to the MyATX Support Center for the first time
  • Knowledge Library — Answer ID 111, Changing company information on file with CCH SFS
  • Knowledge Library — Answer ID 3308, ATX Return Retrieval

Close Window

Enroll in Refund Settlement Solutions

  • Enroll in a bank program or FeeCollect by completing the application on the MyATX Solution Center
  • Verify your e-filing, bank program or other transactional fees on the MyATX Solution Center BEFORE you start e-filing!
  • Comply with training, due diligence and other requirements of your bank
  • Order checks from your bank if you will print checks for clients
  • Familiarize yourself and staff with the check printing process

Close Window

Install and Activate ATX and other software before the end of the year

  • Install your programs when your shipment arrives. Follow the instructions that fit your office setup on the System Requirements.
    • Instead of installing from the DVD, you may download the installation from the MyATX Solution Center.
      • On the front page, click Download Center; after logging in.
      • Click Download Tax Program; instructions are provided on the site.
      • Read the Release Notes. They will open automatically after initial installation and after each program update.
    • If your purchase includes PaperlessPLUS, you must create a backup of the current data.
  • Resources for assistance
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Your Fulfillment Confirmation Slip (includes your product activation code)

Close Window

Configure ATX 2016

Set Up Your System

ATX Program Help — press F1 in ATX or access from Support menu; the Help includes topics on all these setup tasks

Manage Users and Groups

  • Define a password for the Admin user (optional)
  • Add users to the system*
  • Define/Restrict User Tasks
  • Assign users to groups

*Each standalone or workstation installation of ATX requires a separate user license. If you need additional licenses, please call your Account Manager at 800-495-4626.

Roll Over Returns

Recommended practice for rollover of returns: The bulk of the rollover process takes place at the time you perform the rollover instead of when you open the return. We recommend that you perform rollovers in advance of the client's appointment, allowing enough time for the process to take place and for you to review the rolled over data.

Tax Research

  • Set up your IntelliConnect login in Preferences. If you don't know your login, contact support.
  • Right click on any field in a form and to get Tax Line Research or access to your Master Tax Guide Online. Click the Tax Research button in the toolbar to search your entire tax compliance library for quick answers

ATX Program Help

  • Press F1 or access from Support menu for Administrative Tasks for the Admin User; Default Users and Groups; Adding Users to the System; Modifying a User's Security Profile
  • ATX Video Library
  • ATX 2016 Enhancements Webinar — See schedule and register

Close Window

Rollover Tax Returns

View the Rollover video at the ATX Video Library (Available December 2016)

Recommended practice for rollover of returns: The bulk of the rollover process takes place at the time you perform the rollover instead of when you open the return. We recommend that you perform rollovers in advance of the client’s appointment, allowing enough time for the process to take place and for you to review the rolled over data.

Resources for Assistance

  • ATX Program Help — press F1 or access from Support menu
  • ATX 2016 Enhancements Webinar — See schedule and register

Close Window

Order Office Supplies

  • Register for Staples Advantage and order office supplies at discounted prices
  • Order envelopes, tax return folders and other paper products that coordinate with ATX

Close Window

Stay Informed During Tax Season

  • Subscribe to IRS Quick Alerts, e-News for Tax Professionals and more
  • Visit the IRS Return Preparer Office Facebook page
  • Join the ATX Community Discussion Board on the Solution Center
  • Read the ATX Blog; access from within ATX; click the Notifications button
  • Find answers in the Knowledge Library
  • Set up Tracker News in IntelliConnect

Close Window

Review Support Resources

  • Solution Center
  • Knowledge Library (Knowledgebase): Access from the Solution Center
  • ATX Blog: Access from within ATX or from the Solution Center
  • ATX Community Board: Access from the Solution Center
  • Customer Care Bulletin email: Don’t miss important information (you must opt in)
  • Support Email: customer.support@cchsfs.com
  • Support Phone: 800-638-8291 (Pay-Per-Return customers, call 770-857-5602)

Close Window

Setup and Install Integrated Products

Click here to setup any integrated products you may have purchased this year including:

  • Client Accounting Suite
  • PaperlessPLUS
  • CCH® IntelliConnect®

Close Window



ATX 2016 Training Resources

Choose from new user orientation, on-site training, custom webinars or recorded sessions to help you get the most from your tax and accounting software.

Training Webinars

Webinars offer training for you and your staff from the comfort of your home or office, requiring only internet access. These convenient sessions cover a wide variety of topics to help you get the most from your tax software and prepare for tax season. Simply register online or contact your Software Consultant.

The webinar schedule is updated throughout the year, so visit our registration website at events.cchsfs.com for the latest offerings.
Product training does not qualify for CPE credit.

New Users

New User Orientation

Our knowledgeable Orientation Team gets you started on the road to software expertise with two, one-hour Orientation webinars that introduce you to your tax software and the many tools and resources available to you. Each webinar concludes with a question-and-answer period.
Product training does not qualify for CPE credit.

Orientation webinars are included with many tax software packages. When you purchase one of these packages, the Orientation Team contacts you to schedule your webinars.

Once you complete orientation, you can sign up for additional courses to further your understanding of the program and the benefits for your company. Click here for Quick Start course descriptions and more details.

Tax Season Essentials

Make getting ready for tax season a snap with Tax Season Essentials! Designed as an interactive guide, Tax Season Essentials includes important news, tips, and resources to help improve your business while making tax season as smooth as possible.

Education Libraries

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your tax software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of training?

The training format depends on the type of event for which you register. We offer several types of events, including webinars, online self-study, and seminars. For additional information on each type of program, see the sections above.

How can I see if a date or venue is still available?

Access the Training Registration tool here and search for the event to view open seat availability.

How can I see the schedule of events?

Some event types found on this page may have schedules linked from their section. You can also see a schedule of events by accessing the Training Registration tool and searching for the type of event you would like to participate in. You will see a list of all events for the year.

What do I need to do to prepare for my training?

In most cases, there is very little that you need to do in order to prepare for training. On each course description within the Training Registration tool, you can find the Advanced Preparation section which will tell you everything you need to do to prepare for the class.