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TaxWise® 2014 Education Video Library

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your TaxWise software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

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Setup Assistant

New with TaxWise 2014, you have access to the Setup Assistant to better streamline your office setup. This video and fact sheet will help you transition to this new setup process more smoothly.

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Bank Modules

There are several banking options available that work side-by-side with TaxWise 2014. This video and documentation review the banking options as well as a review on how to download the bank modules from the TaxWise Solution Center.

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Tax Form Defaults

Tax Form Defaults save you time in preparing returns by allowing you to default common information for every return. This video reviews how to access and use this time-saving feature.

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TaxWise ACA

View this video to understand how to report your clients' healthcare in TaxWise 2014 using various examples.

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We've all seen at least one, and most of us get stumped by them year after year, rejects. This facts sheet reviews the most common rejects we see as well as how to correct those rejects.

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Updating TaxWise

Updating your TaxWise software on a regular basis is imperative to a successful tax season. We will walk you through updating your program as well as installing the latest bank and state modules for a smoother tax season.

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When you install TaxWise 2014, you can choose a standalone or network installation. This video and documentation review the steps needed to setup your program using a network installation.

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TaxWise Interview

TaxWise Interview allows you to enter basic return information in a more convenient format. View this lesson to learn how to access and use this feature.

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The Admin user has access to certain features that other users do not. This lesson discusses the items the Admin user has available and how to access them.

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Today, most of the tax returns transmitted are e-filed; the IRS encourages taxpayers to find a trusted tax professional to prepare and e-file their income tax returns. This video walks through how the e-file process works in TaxWise 2014 and how to check the status of any returns you e-file.

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Self Help Resources

Your TaxWise 2014 software and the TaxWise Solution Center offer a wide variety of self-help tools to help you find the answers you need, when you need them. These are the same tools used by our Customer care Representatives to assist you when you call in. Available 24/7, these tools will help you work more efficiently during your busiest time of year.

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Use the following return scenarios to practice entering returns in your software. Choose from Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced scenarios to increase your skill using more complex forms and situations. After completing the returns, use the Answer Key to compare your results.


You can also choose from Partnerships, S Corp, C Corp and Fiduciary returns to improve your efficiency entering these types of returns.