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ATX 2015 Education Video Library

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your ATX software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

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Installation & Networking

When you install ATX, you're presented with installation options for stand-alone workstations or a network configuration. After reviewing this video and fact sheet, you'll be able to make the right choices for your business.

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This video demonstrates how to download and install conversion software, to bring your tax return data from your prior year software into ATX. This video also discusses importing converted data, and then rolling that data into ATX 2015.

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CCH iFirm Integration

This lesson describes current and future integration between ATX and CCH iFirm.

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Backup & Restore

Backup lets you archive tax return data, in addition to information in the Company, Payer, Preparer/ERO, and/or Billing Managers. If you experience a loss of data, you can use the Restore feature to restore your data to your system. Starting with ATX 2014, you can also backup your Setup Data, to make restoring your program even easier.

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Client Letters

Client letters give you the ability to communicate with your clients regarding the particulars of their tax returns. Once you have set up your Client Communication Preferences and/or edited the content of the templates, all Federal or State client letters can be added to a return with as few as two clicks.

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2015 Enhancements - Managing Returns

This video covers enhancements made to ATX 2015 regarding return management. These enhancements include expanded e-file status in Return Manager, a new client letter wording option, and importing print packets from one user to another.

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Client Organizers

Client Organizers help your customers prepare for tax season. You can access and edit 2015 client organizers in the final release of ATX 2014. This video demonstrates how to access and create client organizers.

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Quick Entry

Quick Entry allows you to create a database of payers in ATX, and use that database to quickly complete Forms W-2, 1099, and other payer forms. This lesson demonstrates how to enable this feature, edit payer information, and quickly enter data on payer forms.

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Integrated Research Tools

This video demonstrates integration between ATX and IntelliConnect research tools.

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User Licensing

This video demonstrates how to activate additional products or user licenses in ATX by entering additional activation codes.

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Enhanced Fixed Asset Manager

This video demonstrates enhancements made to the Fixed Asset tools in ATX that are available as part of the Enhanced Fixed Asset Management package.

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2015 Enhancements - Credit for State Taxes Paid

This videos describes enhancements made to forms related to taxes paid to other states, as well as additional enhancements to these forms available through the ATX Advantage package.

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2015 Enhancements - Education Credits

This videos describes enhancements made to forms related to claiming education credits, as well as the Optimized Education Credits feature available through the ATX Advantage package.

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Practice Returns

Use the following return scenarios to practice entering returns in your software. Choose from Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced scenarios to increase your skill using more complex forms and situations.


You can also choose from Partnerships, S Corp, C Corp and Fiduciary returns to improve your efficiency entering these types of returns.