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ATX 2016 Education Video Library

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your ATX software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

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2016 Enhancements

CCH iFirm Integration

This video covers enhancements made to integrating a CCH iFirm account with ATX, including the simplified sync process and additional preferences, as well as added menu items and timesheet entries.

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This video covers new preferences options added to ATX 2016, including client letter settings, printing options, and additional CCH iFirm preferences.

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ATX Advantage

This video covers enhancements made to the ATX Advantage package, including data flow for state depreciation, the addition of the book depreciation column, and additional information made available on the Last Year Comparison worksheet.


Last Year Comparison

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Security Requirements

This video covers enhancements made to ATX 2016 to comply with security requirements set forth by the IRS. These include login and password requirements and inactivity timers.

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2016 Topics


This video guides you through installing ATX 2016, including descriptions of network install types and when you use each type.

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This video covers downloading and installing a conversion utility, then converting data from a competitor software and importing return data into ATX.

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Backup & Restore

This video covers backing up and restoring tax returns and other data in ATX 2016.

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Client Letters

This video covers editing client letter templates and setting preferences for managing letters in ATX.

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This video covers adding organizers to single or multiple returns, printing blank organizers, and setting preferences for organizers.

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Quick Entry

This video covers managing the Payer Manager and using Quick Entry to streamline the process of completing income and payer forms in ATX.

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Integrated Research Tools

This video covers integrating an IntelliConnect research account with ATX 2016, to take advantage of research tools in returns.

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This video covers using Rollover Manager to bring data from the prior year program into ATX 2016. This includes tax return data, preparer information, the payer database, and other custom settings.

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This video covers setting preferences for automatic updating, as well as tools for updating the tax program and forms as needed.

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Practice Returns

Use the following return scenarios to practice entering returns in your software. Choose from Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced scenarios to increase your skill using more complex forms and situations.


You can also choose from Partnerships, S Corp, C Corp and Fiduciary returns to improve your efficiency entering these types of returns.