Save time and money when using PaperlessPLUS to electronically store all of your firm’s documents.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly store tax returns from ATX or TaxWise along with emails, letters, reports, PDFs, images, photos, and any scanned documents.
  • Instantly send clients any stored documents by uploading securely with PortalSafe™ a powerful cloud-based file sharing solution (additional fees apply) or by sending password - protected attachments through email.
  • Electronically sign any stored PDF with an approved signature pad.
  • Remain organized throughout the year by managing clients with a customizable folder structure. Take organization a step further by creating custom labels to classify clients by type or stage.
  • Safeguard client data with an encrypted file system. Provide additional security by locking sensitive files and folders, scheduling automated backups, assigning user rights and privileges, or reviewing the audit trail.