Interactive Forms

IntelliForms™ is a desktop application that puts thousands of interactive forms at your fingertips. You can count on it to provide the forms you need, when and where you need them. If you are looking to increase productivity to the next level, IntelliForms offers real-time updates, draft forms, client-based organization and an easy-to-use interface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive and easy to use — it’s easy to learn and use with its simple interface. IntelliForms always opens to the Blank Forms manager where you may open a blank form, add a new form for a client, print a blank form, or open the instructions to a form. You can save forms with client data for your records.
  • Easy form searching — use either Filters, Find or both to locate the form you need in the Blank Forms manager. The search begins to work as soon as you start typing.
  • Tabs for easy organization of forms — access several different tabs to organize your forms. The Blank Forms manager lists all the forms available in your subscription. The Client Forms manager lists all your saved forms--organized by client. The Profiles manager stores your client profiles.
  • Client organized — organize your data by client, the same way you approach your workflow. All client forms for a single year are stored together and can be accessed easily from the Client Forms tab.
  • Real time updates — check for the newest version of a form each time you open a form. You never have to worry that you are working with an out-of-date form.
  • Links to Tax Prep Partner (purchased separately): IntelliForms includes links directly from certain commonly used Federal forms to explanatory, compliance-focused research content related to the active field.