Tax Research Consultant - Tax information right when you need it.

Tax Research Consultant focuses on practical, real-world issues on tax laws and the important issues you face every day. Written by experienced CCH® editorial staff and leading tax practitioners, this comprehensive resource streamlines your workflow and quickly directs you to the answers you need.

Key Features Include:

  • Transactional materials — new federal tax explanations are organized to match the life stages of your individual or business clients.
  • Interactive research aids — an all-inclusive collection of interactive Web applications helps you make decisions quickly.
  • Comprehensive topic coverage — all federal tax research question topics are covered in-depth, with quick links to primary sources to increase your productivity.
  • Expert commentary — leading tax experts provide practical tips to help you offer authoritative advice to your clients.

Additional Time Saving Tools

  • Research aids — Interactive tools such as decision trees, interactive examples and charts speed your research.
  • Filled-in forms — Displays pre-populated IRS forms and election statements, when applicable.
  • Tax rates and tables — Critical tax rates and amounts, all in one convenient publication.
  • Depreciation Toolkit™ — Helps you quickly create a depreciation schedule for any business asset and provides information on depreciation options.
  • Business and Tax Preparation Calculators — Provides quick access to common business and tax computations.
  • Tax Calendar — Creates a customized calendar of federal and state tax due dates for the tax types and jurisdictions you specify and displays these dates, along with filing instructions.
  • IntelliForms™ — Offers interactive federal tax forms and instructions via the Internet.

IRC/Multistate Corporate and Personal Income Tax Comparison Smart Charts

This new tool will help you save time comparing federal and state tax treatments. It uses exclusive Smart Chart technology to present federal-state tax comparisons in an easy-to-read chart format. It integrates your Tax Research Consultant and State Tax Reporter's subscription content to quickly create a chart comparing federal and state tax treatments. You choose the topics. You choose the jurisdictions. Smart Charts does the rest.

Concept chapters for each topic get you up to speed quickly using question and answer format with links to specific sub-topics.

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Main Topic Areas

  • Audits, collection and tax litigation
  • C corporations
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Consolidated groups
  • Corporate net operating losses
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Deductions and credits
  • Depreciation and cost recovery
  • Estate and gift taxes
  • Excise taxes
  • Individual income taxes
  • International taxation
  • Partnerships, LLCs, S corporations
  • Real estate transactions
  • Retirement plans
  • Sales and exchanges
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax exempt organizations

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Journals and Updates

  • Tax Tracker News™ — Customized tax news delivered daily via e-mail and your own personalized Web page, with stories and primary source material integrated with your federal and state tax materials
  • CCH Federal Tax Weekly
  • TAXES — The Tax Magazine®
  • Tax legislation includes:
    • Legislation Newswire — Latest developments in Congress and pending law changes
    • Bills Worth Watching — Tables showing recently proposed bills, bill names, latest bill status and the date of any reports issued
    • Tax Briefings — Five years of analysis of key provisions in tax bills
    • Law, Explanation and Analysis — CCH analysis, background and primary sources for all acts since 1989
  • CCH guides include:
    • U.S. Master Tax Guide® — The best-selling, quick-answer handbook in electronic format, with baseline answers for all income, estate and gift tax questions, plus links to our tax research software, Tax Research Consultant and primary source documents
    • Tax Planning Guide — Answers your tax research questions by explaining the tax provisions and non-tax considerations relating to income, estate and gift tax planning for both individuals and businesses
    • U.S. Master Estate & Gift Tax Guide
    • U.S. Master Depreciation Guide
    • U.S. Master GAAP Guide
    • CCH tax practice guides

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Federal Codes and Regulations

  • Internal Revenue Code
  • Federal tax regulations — Includes final, temporary and proposed regulations
  • Rulings and other documents — Full text of Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Treasury Decisions, Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, IRS Announcements and more, as far back as 1954
  • Letter rulings and IRS positions

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