ATX 1040

With the ATX 1040 tax preparation software package, you have the ability to prepare unlimited federal 1040 returns and individual returns for up to three states. The first 75 e–file returns are included and you have the option to add more for a nominal fee. Complementing your professional tax software package, the self-help Knowledge Library and MyATX Blog serve as extra resources to keep you up to date with tax law and product updates around the clock.

Package Includes:

  • Two (2) concurrent user licenses1
  • All federal 1040 forms
  • Up to three individual 1040 States
  • 752 E-file returns included
  • Free software conversions

Expert Tax Research & Learning:

  • CCH® U.S. Master Tax Guide®
  • TheTaxBook™ Deluxe
  • Access to self-help Knowledge Library and Blog

1 Purchase additional User Licenses as needed.
2 E-file additional returns for only $5 each, covering the federal, state and extension for the same client.