Alone or combined with one of our tax research packages, the Health Care Reform Library will help you get ahead and stay ahead of health care reform issues that affect your clients.

The Health Care Reform Library includes:

  • Up-to-date regulatory analysis and explanations along with all IRS guidance since 2010, regulations, proposed regulations, notices and rulings, and links to source material
  • Guidance on the post-2012 net investment income tax and additional Medicare taxes
  • CCH’s popular tax briefings dealing with topics related to health care reform
  • New tax briefings and analysis, as released
  • Health Care Analysis Locator Smart Chart™ to simplify searches on health care topics
  • Sample client letters explaining specific aspects of the law
  • Interactive decision trees to clarify the application of various provisions to taxpayers and employers
  • Calculators, real-world examples and Q & A documents
  • Links to IRS tools and guidance